Welcome to Apartment 8

Just a little over a week ago, we started making our home in apartment #8.  It’s a second floor apartment facing the freeway and the San Gabriel mountains.  At least I think they’re the San Gabriel mountains.  Geography is not my strong point.  Let me ask my Geography major husband.  Hmm…unknown.  Let’s ask Google.  It’s been confirmed.  The San Gabriel mountains.  We’re also surrounded in Pasadena by the Raymond Fault line (add to To-Do list:  Google how to survive an earthquake).

Anyway, welcome to apartment 8, our our new abode.   Why don’t you let me take you on the grand tour?

First the living room.  A bit more spacious than our last apartment, eh?  And the kitchen isn’t in the living room.  This is big news people!

Living Room

Next the dining room.  That’s right.  We no longer eat at the dining room table in the living room. 🙂  And also our lovely kitchen where I make scrumptious meals for the husband. Ok maybe not everything is scrumptious…  (Zucchini fritters recipe from Pinterest….fail…) But I’m creative and adventurous in the kitchen!Image

And next our bedroom – thank you Pinterest for the lovely You & Me frame idea – turned out so much better than the zucchini fritters!  And thanks to Than and my Dad and Uncle Jerry for hanging that baby up so it doesn’t fall on our heads during the night!


Next up – the bathroom.  Please note that baby blue toilet.  Rumor has it that other bathrooms in our building are either salmon or mint green.  Blue toilet – WIN!


And last, but certainly not least, my personal favorite part of our apartment (shocker, huh – the blue toilet isn’t at the top of my list!)…the balcony!  A peaceful (ok…it’s only peaceful when you’re blaring your iPod) place to sit, read, enjoy the sunshine, and grow some plants.  Ok, moment of truth.  The “plants” you currently see in the photo are fake but I am going to start growing some herbs.


And there you have it – home sweet home!  Many stories and adventures to come from the Veltman’s in Apartment #8.


One thought on “Welcome to Apartment 8

  1. Thanks Ru for the tour. It was neat to see it. Looks like you got a good start on life together there in Pasadena.

    DAD V.

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