Back to School

Orientation Week

Student: Hi, I’m _____.
Student 2: Hi _____. I’m _____. It’s nice to meet you.
Student: So where are you from?
Student 2: From ____. You?
Student 1: What program are you in?
Student 2: _______. And you?
Continue conversation about the weather in various locations around the country.

Repeat conversation.

Repeat conversation again.

And again.

Orientation week is over – whew! Each day we’re continuing to get a little bit more connected with people around campus and at the church we are attending. On Saturday I attended a brunch for wives of Fuller students. All their promo flyers say “Fuller Wives Support” and I must say, the word “support” sounds a little ominous – what HAVE I gotten myself into?! I’m looking forward to connecting with some other ladies around campus in our weekly Bible study!

Today is Than’s first day of classes. He’s even wearing new shoes for the occasion. (When I was a kid, I LOVED getting new shoes for school. I was never allowed to wear them before the first day of school – such anticipation as I waited and waited to put on those bright, white new sneakers!).

Back to School Photo Coming Soon (just kidding)

Or maybe I’ll at least snap a pic of the new shoes…


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