I’m a Culinary Blogger Wanna-Be

I have a secret dream (no longer a secret seeing that I’m posting it on our blog) to start a cooking blog. I’m totally envious of all the amazing culinary blogs out there from people like you or me. But for now I’ll settle for the occasional post about my domestic adventures here on our blog.

I have a current obsession with Buffalo sauce. It all started with some buffalo turkey meatballs. Then I just started adding the sauce to anything and everything. Ok, slight exaggeration but I am pretty obsessed. And mighty proud of myself for my latest creation. A buffalo grilled cheese. You can’t go wrong. I wish I’d taken a picture of it and then I’d pin it on Pinterest – though it’s probably already out there somewhere. I promise I didn’t find it on there though!

It’s quick and easy and I highly recommend it.

Butter 2 slices of Ciabatta bread (or whatever kind of bread you have around – we happened to have Ciabatta)
Put a dollop of cream cheese (oh wait, dollop is used to describe sour cream not cream cheese…you know, a Dollop of Daisy… Anyway – I do NOT recommend sour cream in case this is getting confusing!) on the bread
Drizzle some Buffalo sauce over it
Sprinkle a little shredded cheddar on
And cook to perfection with toasted bread and melted cheese

Yummy! Next up… A buffalo chicken pasta salad (found on Pinterest).

I’m grateful I have a husband who will eat whatever I make – no complaints! And he even does dishes. I’m a lucky girl!!


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