Big Bear Birthdays!

Than and I have birthdays that are just a day apart so this weekend we set off for a little pre-birthday celebration!  You can look at it two ways.  Having birthdays just a day apart can either make it seem like you’re splitting the celebration OR as we have decided, to make the celebration bigger and better!

Friday afternoon we set off for Big Bear Lake, about 2 hours from Pasadena.  Once you’re off the freeway it’s a gorgeous drive through the mountains.  We had a wonderful couple of days there.  We relaxed, ate yummy food, wandered through the cute little town, went paddle (or pedal according to Than) boating, hiking, had some quiet time… Such a lovely weekend!  And so refreshing to get out of the noisy city! We took the scenic route home and enjoyed more amazing views (check out our album on Facebook)!  I was on the lookout for mountain goats but sadly didn’t see any (we did however see a snake, lots of squirrels and a peacock!) It kind of blows my mind that we now live in a place where the beach and the mountains are so accessible.  Anyone tempted to come for a visit?!  Yeah, I that’s what I thought!  We’ll have the air mattress ready and waiting! (Don’t come tomorrow – it’s going to be 106 degrees).


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