Stop Drop and Roll… I Mean Drop, Cover and Hold On!

It seems like in the Midwest, come January or February all people are talking about is the “big one” coming.  A big blizzard that’s sure to shut down the world for a couple of days.  Well in California those conversations are adapted slightly.  The “big one” refers to that earthquake that’s going to knock LA out into the ocean!  Or so they say.  So they say…a LOT!  People here definitely like to talk about coming earthquakes.  Apparently right now conditions are right for an earthquake.  Something about the soil.  I promise I’m not making this up – that’s what they tell me.

I’m getting quite the education about earthquakes.  They put out brochures here such as “Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country” – just some pamphlets to scare Midwestern folk half to death.  Before I read these brochures I thought that the shaking I sometimes feel was from the freeway.  Little did I know, these are potentially little earthquakes.  Coming home to picture frames fallen from the shelf on the wall….earthquake? Slammed door? Who knows! But do not fear, I’ve learned what to do in an earthquake.  Similar to what they teach you in elementary school about what to do in a fire (Stop, Drop, and Roll) in an earthquake you are to drop, cover and hold on!

When I was a kid I wanted to be a meteorologist.  Terrified of storms, when the dark clouds started rolling in I’d run around the house putting together a “survival kit.”  Living out in the country, we had a well so I’d put myself to work filling up pitchers of water in the case the power went out.  Pillows and blankets were thrown in the bathtub, while a backpack was filled with flashlights, candles and whatever else proved to have a potential use.  Believe it or not, we don’t yet have an earthquake survival kit, but it is on my to-do list.  One for our home and one for the car!

My words of wisdom for you today: Drop, Cover and Hold On!


One thought on “Stop Drop and Roll… I Mean Drop, Cover and Hold On!

  1. is helpful for knowing what to include. There’s also a site that guides you through making a kit over several months, to spread the cost and the work out. I can get that to you if you’d like.

    We haven’t done it yet either. Finally at the top of the list after three years… *sigh*

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