“Dear God, thank you for giving me an accepting palate.”

“Dear God, thank you for giving me an accepting palate.”

I kid you not, that’s what my husband said in his prayer before dinner one night (among other things)!  I was laughing too hard once I heard that to tell you what else he said.  I too am thankful for his “accepting palate”. He’ll pretty much eat anything I put in front of him (except tomato soup) and is adventurous in his eating habits, and dare I even say appreciates my creativity!  Cooking for two is certainly different than living the single life where I could eat popcorn and broccoli for dinner if I liked (and often did).

Here are the lessons I’m learning in becoming domestic in our first couple of months of marriage…

1.  If you’re like me and enjoy being creative in the kitchen, be sure to plan a “normal” meal on the preceding and following nights.
2.  Do not, I repeat DO NOT try new recipes when guests are coming over.
3.  Sending your husband to the grocery store will always result in extra treats. (As I was writing this, Than came home with bubbly water for me!)
4.  Sometimes it’s best to keep secret ingredients…well, exactly that, a secret!  Your husband might think it’s weird that you put potato chips in shortbread cookies or mayo in chocolate cake.
5.  Not all ideas on the internet or Pinterest can be trusted.
6.  Be careful not to make too much of one thing because with two people in the house you will get tired of the leftovers VERY quickly.
7.  Often you can hide an ingredient your significant other claims not to like in a recipe without him knowing it.  Hehe.
8.  Cooking is actually quite fun – who knew?!
9.  When you have a recipe disaster, be sure to make something you know is good the next night to get your confidence back up.
10.  When your husband includes thankfulness for an “accepting palate” in his prayers, know that something in that particular meal must look a little scary to him!

One thought on ““Dear God, thank you for giving me an accepting palate.”

  1. I love this, a husband with an accepting palate is indeed a treasure – I should know as I’ve had mine now for 22 years!

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