Blooming Where We’re Planted

Our life here in Apartment 8 is developing into more and more of a routine.  We’ve plugged into a great church, attending the Saturday night service, taking a Financial Stewardship class and volunteering at Alpha.  Than is 4 weeks into his classes and I am becoming an expert proof reader of his seminary papers. Who knew I’d learn so much about theology with a husband in seminary! I’m enjoying getting to know other “Fuller wives” at my Thursday night Bible study and of course, I continue to have some Pinterest wins and fails!

I love the fact that I have a bit more time to use at my discretion since our move.  It’s amazing what cutting a commute out of your life will do!  I have time to read, blog, cook, watch TV, remind myself  over and over again how un-crafty I am with attempts to be creative…and attempting to grow some herbs!

That’s right – we’re growing some herbs. Slowly but surely. I don’t have much of a green thumb but I feel very good about trying! If only I had put little labels in to remember which seeds I put in each part of the planter… Oops! Oh well – we like surprises.  Or we’ll put that Google Goggle app to good use!  Thank goodness Than remembers to water them on occasion or they’d be brown as could be!


And the most exciting news…. (saving the best for last!)

Than recently accept a job at Lake Avenue Church! He will be serving as their Coordinator for Community Outreach Ministries. It is a part time job (20 hours a week) and he starts this Friday. A significant part of his job is working with their homeless program, but he will also be working with other outreach programs assist with thinking through and implementing a new strategy for engaging the local community.

With every transition comes new opportunities to bloom where you’re planted.  It doesn’t always look like what you expect or what it used to look like or what you imagined it would look like.  We are striving each day to be intentional in the relationships we build, how we spend our time and bloom where God has us for this season.  And let’s hope our herbs continue to “bloom” as well…


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