Than’s 1st Ever Jack-O-Lantern

That’s right…  Tonight, for the very first time in his 28 year life Mr. Than Veltman carved a jack-o-lantern.  It all started Sunday afternoon when I was all googly eyed over the pumpkins at the grocery store.  I suggested we carve pumpkins this week, when to my utter dismay Than proceeds to tell me he has never carved one.  I rushed over to the pumpkin boxes and found the perfect little pumpkin for $2.99. What a bargain!  First time pumpkin carving with your hubby – priceless!

We brought out the big-boy knives for tonight’s adventure.


Than was excited about that!

In a former life, he was a chef at a hibachi grill (you know, where they play with the knives and throw broccoli in your mouth?) Look at those mad knife skills!

Let the carving begin!

The top was stuck so we had to bring in some extra tools.

At last!  The top was loosed from the stubborn pumpkin guts!

Now for the joy of removing the guts and goo!


Hard at work!

Than’s masterpiece!


Ooooh!!  It always looks so different lit up!

My pumpkinhead husband…

Our pumpkin baby – aren’t we a cute family?!

And lastly, I debunked the myth in which Than believed pumpkin seeds are poisonous and not fit for consumption.  I’ve convinced him that they are not poisonous…yet he’s still not persuaded to consume them…  Oh well!  More for me!










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