Pinterest Wins and Fails – Take 1.

Our jack-o-lantern has molded away and it’s hard to believe it’s just one week until Thanksgiving!  Our pace of life has suddenly picked up, leaving me no time for blogging, but still plenty of time to try out new things from Pinterest of course!  

Last weekend I went to Chicago for a wedding and while I was there I got to catch up (very briefly!) with friends and family.  In talking to my friends I was so pleased to hear (in a slightly twisted way) that it’s not just me who has a lots of Pinterest FLOPS.  With every Pinterest disaster I feel like it’s a strike against me in the domestic/good wife category.  But let’s be realistic – all you really need is a pretty picture and some powerful adjectives for lots of re-pins.  You never really know if these things are legit until you try them. And that, my friend, is where the inspiration started.  Weekly Pinterest Wins and Fails.  Learn from my disasters and enjoy the ideas that actually turn out!

Pinterest Wins

1.  White Trash Bars – I substituted Skor bits (whatever those are – isn’t Skor tobacco?!) with Heath bar pieces.  These are so easy to make and are so rich that a couple of bites will satisfy your sweet tooth!  I would definitely make these again – though they are a little bit dangerous to have around the house!  

2.  Oven Roasted Sausage, Potatoes and Peppers –  Than and I both really liked this – it’s so easy, though ours had to bake quite a big longer than the instructions stated.  My latest and greatest discovery at the grocery store are the bags of frozen peppers and onions that cost $1.  Unlike buying fresh, where each pepper is over $1 each you can buy these and you don’t even have to slice them yourself!  They’re surprisingly good!  I use them in all sorts of things – fajitas, stir fry, omelettes….  Cheap and so easy!

Pinterest Fails

1.  Orange Chicken – We are not food wasters in our house.  But there are times when throwing something out is really and truly the only option.  That’s what happened with our orange chicken.  You’ll see from the comments on the recipe that there was a wide range of opinions.  I opted to add in some of the extra ingredients as suggested and also cut the amount of orange is half.  It was really awful.  My mouth kind of hurts as I typed this, just thinking about it.  In our house, when all else fails, make eggs on toast (or this time on English muffins)!

2.  Crispy Edamame – I’ll confess, my expectation may have been far too high for this snack.  One of the reviewers compared it to popcorn, my absolute favorite snack!  Let’s just say the crispy edamame does not even begin to compare to popcorn.  I baked and baked mine, but it never got very crunchy.  Not a throw it out disaster but it was definitely like sitting there eating a bowl of vegetables during a movie rather than a snack.  Not so much a fan.

Creation of the Week that Seems Like It Could Be Posted on Pinterest

Avocado Ranch Salad Dressing

One of the best items we registered for when we got married was the Magic Bullet.  We use it for all sorts of things – from smoothies to salad dressing and all sorts of things in between!

We were having friends over for dinner and serving taco soup.  I decided we needed something with veggies and nothing really seemed to go with taco soup, so salad is always a good default.  I got a little creative with the dressing and here’s what I used:

  • Ranch Dressing (I used a bottled dressing but you could always make your own with greek yogurt, ranch packets and milk)
  • 1 Avocado
  • Cilantro
  • 2 Jalapenos
  • A squeeze of lime juice

Blend it all up in the Magic Bullet.  Add some milk if it’s too thick and toss with salad.  Yum!  Thank goodness it turned out since we were having guests over!

Be on the lookout for more Pinterest wins and fails in the coming weeks!


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