Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving week kicked off for us by serving a Thanksgiving meal to the community with the Missions and Evangelism department at church (the department that Than works in).  It’s a joy to be able to serve a special meal to hungry guests and also to provide them with scarves now that the weather is chillier.  I had the opportunity to help pass out the scarves (yes, it’s cold enough here to wear a scarf at night), donated by a very kind volunteer.  I can still see a little girl’s eyes absolutely light up when she saw one pepto-bismal pink scarf in my arms!  I enjoyed the task I was given of going around to each table smiling at our guests, offering them a scarf and helping them select just the right color.  What pleasure these individuals found in having a choice.  Though a simple choice, it was a still a choice and there is a sense of freedom that comes in having choices. Or perhaps a better word is options.  I suppose we all have choices.  It’s options that are often quite limited for our guests.

The week progressed as usual – a few out of the ordinary happenings including x-ray’s on my potentially injured knee (no real reason for worry yet – just pops out of place on occasion which is painful, but sounds more dramatic than it really is), a California burrito (which had french fries in it – weird, huh?), house sitting and several trips to the grocery store in preparation for Thanksgiving!  It’s a good thing we don’t live out in the country without a grocery store for miles because it seems like I am ALWAYS forgetting something when I’m at the store!  Thankfully Than doesn’t mind the occasional trip to the grocery store for me!

We spent Thanksgiving day with the Kim’s who were in town from Phoenix!  It was great to see them and introduce them to our current favorite board game “Bubble Talk”.  It’s like Apples to Apples but with pictures and much, much more laughter!  I highly recommend adding it to your Christmas list!  It was my first time making a Thanksgiving meal and for the most part everything turned out well!  And we will be eating corn casserole and sweet potato casserole for a very long time.  I hope that years of experience help me gauge quantities a bit better!  We have a LOT of sweet potatoes.  At least they freeze well!  Speaking of putting food in the freezer, I really need to get the rest of that pumpkin cheesecake in the freezer before we finish it off…

Spending our first holiday together as a married couple I felt the need to establish some traditions.  Always full of ideas, I think I was putting too much pressure on me/us to start some traditions.  While I’m in favor of living in an intentional way, perhaps the best traditions are the ones you set out to make, but simply the ones that evolve over time.  I hope that our holidays are always full of love, laughter, serving, games….and sweet potatoes. Oh yes, take a look in our freezer…there will always be sweet potatoes 🙂


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