Avoiding Christmas Auto-PIlot Mode

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is coming so quickly! Christmas parties are starting, my shopping is done (though not yet wrapped), the closets have been searched for White Elephant presents and the glow of Christmas lights twinkles in our living room.

Each year the Christmas season comes and goes so quickly – jam packed with full calendars, family, friends and festivities. Do you ever embark upon the Christmas season with good intentions? Good intentions for a less busy, more Christ-centered, enjoyable holiday season? Yet when the calendar turns to December you find yourself back on auto-pilot Christmas survival mode? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Inspired by the book 1000 Gifts, where Ann Voskamp shares her journey of a heart of gratitude and savoring every gift, I consider how to savor the gifts of this Christmas season, hopefully steering clear of auto-pilot mode.

What are you doing this Christmas season to avoid auto-pilot mode?

1. Find an Advent devotional. Be purposeful to daily read and reflect on the preparation so many years ago for the coming King.

2. Take lots of pictures. Find a picture per day challenge and capture a daily photo of something Christmas-y in your world that brightens your day or takes your mind back to the season we’re celebrating.

3. Reflect on memories with friends and families. Than and I have only had one Christmas together, but what fun it is to reflect on the adventures of our 8-stop Christmas roadtrip of 2011 and share memories from our childhood.

4. Remember – write down new memories you’re making so you don’t forget in years to come. Buy a special little journal to write a few things down in each Christmas season and then pack it away with your Christmas decorations for easy storage (that way it won’t be difficult to locate at Christmas next year!)

5. Start a new tradition! Maybe a book to read together as a family or a movie you always watch with a special Christmas drink or treat.

6. Share. Share in the joy of the season with others around you. Share your time…share your resources…share Christmas treats…laughter… And certainly don’t forget to share the Good News which gives us reason to celebrate this season.

The season will be over before you know it – what will you choose to do to savor each moment of this special season of celebration?


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