3 Days Weekends – Always Amazing and Even Better in Cali!




I’ve always been grateful that I’ve always worked for organizations that give MLK Day and President’s Day off.  Living most of my life in the Midwest, those 3 day weekends in January and February are pretty much good only for snuggling up at home while reading books and watching movies.  I’m thrilled that we are spending our first winter in California and we are filled with MUCH joy about the sunshine and warm weather that awaits us most days!

After an intense week at work, I was grateful for an extra day to get outside (away from the home office…errr…corner) for some fresh air and activity.  Friends had recommended we check out Eaton Canyon and after 4 1/2 months of living in Pasadena we finally made the 8 minute drive there!  It was great recommendation – a lovely place!  And after hiking about 5 miles, our muscles reminded us that we should do this a bit more often.  Eaton Canyon, you’ll see us again next weekend!



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