The Groupon Purchase

It’s hard to believe that my latest adventure started with a Groupon.  In spite of the fact that Groupon always seems to send more emails that I signed up for, you can find some pretty good deals, so that keeps me from getting overly angry for the extras and marking them as spam!

Being the wife of a seminary student I find myself constantly surrounded by people earning multiple Masters degrees, entering PhD programs and so forth.  While I value education and I think it’s important to be a life-long learner, I have no desire at this point in time to get another degree.  But somewhere in the midst of that, there’s always a little bit of an “itch” for something new. Studying communications, I’ve always had a wide range of interests and never focused in on just one area to become an expert in.  Working in marketing for a non-profit, the same is true.  I’m spread all over the place.  I like the variety found in my education and work experience, but sometimes I just wish I had some useful, practical skills.  By useful, practical skills I mean that I wish I was a nurse or a graphic designer…something a little more black and white. Clearly defined. Now the  reality is marketing does require some specific skills and I’m absolutely an advocate for people studying communication, but I digress…

Enter Groupon.

This week Groupon was offering an 88% off deal for TESOL certification.  Having taught English overseas for a year and with our desire/plans to move overseas again, this seems like a great skill to further and keep handy.  Is it a risk to buy this on Groupon? Ummm…yes. Do I really know what I’m getting for my money? No. But will I come away with something useful at the end? Absolutely.  After all, most opportunities in life are what you make of them!

So there it is!  I have the next 12 months to finish the online TESOL certification program!  Will I  use it? Who knows!  My mind is swirling with ideas and potential opportunities and if nothing else, I’m sure the course work will occupy me time to keep me from distracting my diligent, hard working, studious husband! Come to think of it… I wonder if that’s why he encouraged me to purchase this… 😉


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