The Latest from Pinterest

My luck has improved with my Pinterest pins lately!  Back when I first started actually trying things from Pinterest (as opposed to just pinning and pinning and pinning!) I had a lot of fails and a few wins.   But now the wins outweigh the fails…by a lot!

Here are a few new items that made it to our dinner table in the last few weeks – thank you Pinterest!

Tortellini Soup – loved it, though I should have cooked it for a little less time in the crock pot – the tortellini was a little mushy for my taste.  Very flavorful and super simple!  (Upon looking at the recipe again, I just realized that this wasn’t supposed to be a soup.  Hmmm…)

Quinoa and Spinach Mac ‘n Cheese – Very filling and tasty, though I am having a slight ethical dilemma about eating quinoa.  Find out why.

Cowboy Casserole – Husband loved this more than me, but for a casserole it was pretty good and I do NOT like my food mixed.  It helps that the word cowboy is in the title.  I like cowboys. (Insert husband rolling eyes…) These are definitely not the real food ingredients we usually eat but a nice comfort food dish!  And I love that the blogger who posted this recipe says it looks like dog food.  She’s right.  I can confirm.  It does.

Kale Pesto – I’m not a huge fan of pesto because I can only handle basil in small amounts.  However I like the idea of pesto and so this kale pesto caught my eye!  I’d definitely make it again!

Next new kitchen experiment on the agenda – juicing!  Stay tuned…


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