6 months

It’s hard to believe we’ve been living here for 6 months already!  In some ways I feel like we’ve lived here forever while in other ways it’s all still so new!

Here’s our 6 months in review…in no particular order and with varying levels of significance.  All those things you probably imagine and believe about living in California…yeah, I’m probably about to confirm them as myths.

  • I’m completely ready to re-arrange our apartment.  When you work at home, you spend a LOT of time in the apartment each week.  No wonder I’m bored with it so much faster than usual.  Just wait – one day Than will arrive home to a completely new look for our living room, followed up by a blog post “What NOT to do While Your Husband is at Work”.
  • We’ve been to the beach precisely 1 time.  I know, I know.  We’re working on it.  I always thought it would be amazing to live near the beach and now that it’s a reality – who has time for that?!
  • No temperatures below freezing, but we get to see snow from a distance capping the mountains outside our windows. That’s my kind of snow!
  • I officially can’t remember how I ever survived winter in Chicago let alone how my husband survived Canada!
  • We are in no way ashamed of our monthly trips to In ‘N Out. Yum.
  • The ethnic diversity of this area never ceases to amaze us.  Sometimes you forget you’re still in the US, driving through areas where signs are entirely in other languages.
  • We have yet to experience an earthquake (apparently there was one but we were sleeping and didn’t feel it).
  • If we have children who take piano lessons and we have neighbors, I solemnly promise NOT  to let them practice with the windows open and subject the neighbors to hours on end of Mary Had a Little Lamb.  And don’t get me started about the kid learning the harmonica… Oh and did I mentioned these “neighbors” aren’t even in our building but the next building over?!
  • I love living in a place where we are within walking distance of virtually everything we need.  We are getting some good exercise and we rarely fill up our as tank – WIN!
  • I don’t think we had any idea when moving out here how God would provide a job for Than at our church allowing us such an opportunity to engage with the community here in Pasadena.  We’ve met an incredibly wide range of people from so many different walks since moving here and I’m so glad for the perspective that offers us, protecting us from the bubble we could find ourselves in.

So there you have it.  “Working at home” really doesn’t meat that I’m sitting on the beach working while surfing on my lunch break. It’s not always 70 and sunny, but we have no complaints about the weather.  Los Angeles isn’t constantly shaking from earthquakes and about to fall into the ocean (but if you never hear from us again..well…I suppose that could be what happened!).

It’s been a good 6 months.  Who knows how long we’ll call this place home but each day we choose to enjoy and embrace the journey!


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