What I’m Reading This Month

Between our new obsession with Downton Abbey and getting my husband hooked on The Bachelor, I’m ashamed to say I’ve been spending more time in front of the TV than behind the pages of a book lately.  But this month it’s time to get my nose back in a few books.  Here’s what’s on my list:

Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray – This book is a classic.  I like to re-read it every couple of years.  The short chapters are a perfect addition to some time spent with God and always leave me with something thought provoking.  You can even read it for free here.


Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas – When I was in college I attended the Focus on the Family Leadership Institute and we read this book.  It talks about the purpose of marriage being more for our holiness rather than our happiness.  A great book, whether you’re single with hopes of getting married, engaged with plans to get married and of course also for those who are married.


New Zealand Frenzy (North Island) – Did I mention that we’re going to New Zealand?!  We are BEYOND excited about this trip.  Sometimes the excitement keeps me up at night (wish I was kidding!).  


New Zealand Frenzy (South Island) – And not only are we going to New Zealand, we get to go to both the North and South Island! I can’t get enough of these travel books with recommendations off the beaten path!



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