Spring Break is Here!

Finals week is over and Spring Break is here!  That means I get my husband back from the entanglements of seminary – you know – exams, papers, reading and such! I’m just kidding.  My husband is very good at ensuring he spends plenty of time with me even during the quarter!  But it is always nice when a break comes and none of those things are looming over his head!

Friday night we celebrated the end of the quarter by going out to dinner at PF Changs – one of our favorites, followed by a walk, some fro yo and then a Redbox movie at home.  Saturday morning we set off for the coast!  We started at Santa Monica Pier and wandered our way down the bike trail through parks (yes, we stopped to swing for a bit) to Venice Beach.



Let me just say, I’d heard about Venice Beach…but wow. Culture shock!  It’s like a disorganized circus. There’s so much to take in – man on roller blades playing the electric guitar, man with “Got Pot?” sign, frozen popcorn, kangaroo jerky, a man holding a dog on his lap like a person, people selling medical marijuana everywhere you turn, people chasing you down with headphones to have a listen to their music (right…like I’m really going to put those on my head…). Quite the experience!


We stopped for some lunch and had the most amazing french fries!  Yum!!  Then we wandered down to the beach and strolled a couple of miles back to Santa Monica by the water’s edge.  High tide was just starting to come in producing some gorgeous waves splashing against the rocks!



Like any good newbies to Cali, we forgot that the sun is really hot in March and returned home with a little sunburn.  Lesson learned.  We topped off the night by blowing up the air mattress in the living room and watched a movie (Argo) – one of our favorite ways to spend an evening at home!


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