“I was a Stranger” Day 2: Exodus 22:21

21 “You shall not wrong a sojourner or oppress him, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt.”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it easy to breeze past portions of Scripture that talk about oppression.   When I think of oppression I think of dictators – horribly mean people and surely I don’t fall into the category of being an oppressor!  However as people freed from the oppression of sin, we have a responsibility.  God has freed us from oppression and if we are to reflect the Good News of Christ’s death, do we not have a responsibility to free others from oppression in whatever form that might take?  If I don’t take action against those who are oppressed, am I not at fault? Is helping those who are oppressed a regular part of your life? What does that look like? Oppression takes many different forms and surrounds us on a daily basis – may we wake up each morning grateful for the freedom we have found in Christ and asking God how He might use us that day to help those who are oppressed.

Additionally, we are all sojourners in this world.  This world is not our home. This is temporary.  In the second part of this verse, Egpyt could be viewed as a metaphor for the world – it doesn’t belong to us and we don’t belong here ultimately. However we have been given the blessing and opportunity to live in this place.  It’s not about what I own. It’s not about me.  How can I be a good steward of where I live for God?  What does being a good steward look like in light of the oppression that happens in our community, our country and our world?


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