thats my spot I married a sleep talker.  Normally it’s not disruptive – just a little bit humorous.  However last night, things were taken to an entirely new level. It was 2:14 am when I was awakened from my sleep to the sounds of yelling.  Alarmed, I pinched myself to see if it was real life or if I was dreaming.  I felt the pinch so I decided to stand up.  You know, just to double check.

Oh yes, the yelling was coming from my sound-asleep husband.  I listened a little more carefully only to discover him repeating (VERY loudly) the following phrase:

“No, Ru. That’s my spot. No, Ru. That’s my spot.”

Umm…hello Sheldon Cooper!!  Clearly we’ve been watching too much Big Bang Theory before bed!

I rolled him over which made the yelling stop (yay!) and got up for a drink of water.  I returned to bed only to realize that he decided to claim my pillow as “his spot” as well!  Haha – oh the joys of being married to a sleep talker…or sleep yeller!

Sadly the next morning (after convincing Than that this really did happen!) he couldn’t recall what he was dreaming about.  Lesson learned – no more Big Bang Theory before bed!


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