Playing Tourist!

Days upon days have passed and I’m failing miserably at posting the 40 Day Challenge.  But I have a good excuse!  We’ve been traveling and had out of town guests.  And I also think I’ve learned my lesson – 40 days straight of blogging is far too ambitious for me!

So what have we been so busy with that we’ve been unable to keep up with the blog?
First, we went to Phoenix for the high school graduation of some very good friends.  Dylan and Delaney were 6 months old when they moved in next door to us in Indiana.  I was 11….which now means I’m getting old!
Then we drove back to Pasadena with my parents to spend a week together.  We went whale watching at Newport Beach, we saw Saturn from the Griffith Observatory and of course the Hollywood sign (surprisingly my first time seeing it!).  We also went to a Dodgers game (I don’t know much about baseball but that 0-7 loss makes me think the Cubs have a better chance at the World Series this year!) and visited some of our favorite local restaurants.  It’s so fun to have visitors – in addition to seeing people you love, it’s nice to finally fit some sightseeing in and play tourist!


That took us up to Memorial Day Weekend – after taking my parents to the airport we explored Chinatown.  I’m pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s only a 15-20 minute train ride from where we live!  Oh the memories that come back wandering through the streets of Chinatown…  And the smells…


Then after the Sunday Community Meal we drove over to Palm Springs for a couple of days of relaxation and sunshine in the desert!  It was great to get some extra sleep, read and work on our tans.  Ok, I worked on my tan…Than…well…I’m letting him believe he looks darker! 😉



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