Our First Year As Mr. And Mrs.

People often talk about the first year of marriage in extremes. Some gush on and on about how amazing and perfect life is after finding their soul mate, while others share tales of horror of the many adjustments that comes from uniting your life with another.

As I reflect on our first year of marriage I would say we fall somewhere in the middle. It has been a great year – no doubt about that! Filled with a tremendous amount of transition (moving across the country, back to school, new job, working from home, etc), each day has given us the opportunity to learn to be “us” rather than him and her.

As I reflect back on the year, I want to share what I would consider the best advice we were given going into marriage.

1. Always turn toward your spouse, not away when having a disagreement.

2. Think of expectations like a bar of soap. Hold then loosely because if you grasp too tightly it makes life really difficult.

3. Habits form quickly. Be sure to build good, strong habits from the beginning.

4. Allow God to give you a vision of who He wants your spouse to be, not just how you see him/her today.

5. Sometimes a good night of sleep can make all the difference in the world!


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