Questions to Ask Yourself

I love taking self evaluations.  Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder, DISC, Spiritual Gifts…I love them all.  Myers Briggs tells me I constantly see potential and things that can be improved so I think that explains my love of these assessments. You can imagine my joy when as we approached the end of our latest small group study and found a couple of lists of personal assessment questions!
We just recently finished going through Gospel in Life by Tim Keller with our small group.  The last session includes questions to help assess how you’ve changed over the past year (pg. 135-136).  It’s one of the best lists I’ve seen and it’s definitely something I’d like to put on my annual calendar (yes, I have a list of things to do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually – I’m just silly like that, but more on that another day!).  I hope that you find the questions as helpful as I did!
  • Are you a more loving person than you were last year?
  • Are you a more joyful person than you were last year? Do you give thanks more?
  • Are you a more peaceful person? Do you worry less?
  • Are you more patient? With people? With circumstances?
  • Are you a kinder person?
  • Can you take criticism better?
  • Are you bolder, more courageous, and more confident in following Christ?
  • Are you a less angry, more gentle person?
  • Are you a more self-controlled person? In what areas? Where do you still need to change?
  • Do you regularly love and encourage others, even when under stress or undergoing suffering?
  • Are you more able to love people you don’t not necessarily like?
  • Do you regularly communicate love and affection toward others in a visible way?
  • Do you regularly offer hospitality to those around you?
  • Are you more able to unselfishly help others with their needs and problems?
  • Are you better able to challenge and confront others but do so with love and humility?
  • Are you regularly helping others grow and mature in their faith?
  • Are you a more forgiving person than you were last year?
  • Are you more involved with the needs of others?

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