Montana Trip

It’s the time of year when anticipation of fall is in the air.  People are pinning pumpkin recipes, sweaters and boots like crazy.  Meanwhile Than and I have moved our mattress to the living room (where there’s an A/C) to deal with the ongoing 98 degree weather!  

We’re playing catch up this week with work and school after a few days in Montana for Anita (Than’s sister) and John’s wedding.  It was a fun and exhausting few days!  It was great to see so many family members who are all spread out across the country (and world) together in one place for a fabulous celebration of a lovely couple.
Moments of downtime were filled with catching up and playing with and cuddling the nieces and nephews.  We visited World Museum of Mining in Butte, followed by a girls night out complete with pedicures and dinner topped off with ordering every dessert off the menu and passing them around until they were gone.  We spend time decorating and preparing the reception hall, we enjoyed the hotel pool and hot tub.
The wedding was at a beautiful Orthodox church.  Thanks to Than for the awesome panoramic photo.
Here’s a picture of new Mr. and Mrs.!
And post wedding trolley transportation – awesome!
When the wedding festivities were over we took a day trip down to Yellowstone.  We arrived at Old Faithful just 10 minutes before it erupted (not sure if erupted is the proper term!).  Many had been waiting for over an hour, so we were thankful for such good timing!  The park is beautiful.  The geothermal activity creates some really beautiful colors and sites.  And of course gigantic bison right next to your car and elk lounging nearby always add to the fun adventure!

It was a great trip, but it’s nice to be home!  One more day until the weekend!  I’m ready!



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