Thankfulness Day 28: He Said, She Said

He said:

I am thankful to see a shooting star with my wife tonight!

No picture available. Just a great memory!

She said:

I am thankful for family to celebrate with today and for all the fun and laughter! Until a few days ago we were just planning to have a small quiet Thanksgiving and we really enjoyed the chance to enjoy family today.

No photo available. I forgot to take any!

Thankfulness Day 22: He Said, She Said

The day has come – we are thankful for the same thing today!

He Said:
I’m thankful for the laughter and fun of games with good friends!

She Said:

I am thankful for game night and lots of laughter with friends as we bond over Farkle! I’ve made lots of new friends with this game through the years!


Thankfulness Day 21: He Said, She Said

He said:

I’m thankful for devotionals that remind me of who I am and to whom I belong.


She said:

I am thankful for a captivating book to get caught up in! Just started this one Tuesday night and finished it this evening. I’m surprised Than didn’t say he is thankful that I am done with it so I can pay more attention to him!