Hello 2014!

If the first 2 weeks of 2014 are any indicator, we are in for a busy year!  We hit the ground running when we returned from New Zealand.  We’ve spent time with many different family members visiting from various places, went to the Rose Parade, San Diego jumped back into work and school and started making plans for the year!  Finally this week we’re starting to ease our way back into our normal routines – you know, buying groceries instead of eating out, eating vegetables instead of french fries, showing up where we’re supposed to, seeing friends, etc!

There’s just something special about the start of a new year.  I love filling up the fresh pages of a new calendar (yes, I still use a paper calendar in addition to my iPhone) with plans and trips and goals!  I love the opportunity for a fresh start and the time to evaluate priorities.  I love the growth that happens over the course of a year and the opportunity to live more fully based on what you’ve learned. In spite of our busy schedule at the start of this year, I’m feeling inspired and excited about what’s to come!  From a new BIble reading plan, to goals for healthier choices, to growing friendships (both new and old), plans to save money (I’m trying to cut our grocery costs in half – it’s actually kind of fun!), to keeping the house more clean I’m excited for 2014! 

As I think about the new year, the following verse comes to mind: Psalm 37:8 – Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.  Beyond all our hopes and goals and plans for the year, may we always commit our ways to the Lord, for His ways are infinitely superior to anything we can dream up.



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