The Justice Conference

This weekend we attended The Justice Conference in downtown L.A.  We really enjoyed the wide range of speakers and topics ranging from Donald Miller to Bernice King (daughter of MLK Jr.) about topics such as poverty, slavery, immigration and much more.   Over the next several days I plan to share a few quotes from the speakers and hopefully in a few days I’ll share more of a personal reflection.  For now I’m still just mulling it over in my mind.Image





Perspectives Highlights – Pt 1

It’s Wednesday night. Than is at class.  I am sitting at home, delaying a trip to the grocery store and contemplating whether or not I should do the “homework” for our Perspectives class.  We’re 6 weeks in to the 18 week course and love the opportunity we have to learn each week from some excellent speakers.  Before you think I’m a slacker student, let me just clarify that we signed up as “key reading” students.  That means we do as much as we can. The website told me no assignments were required so motivation of turning something in is definitely lacking.  But then again, there’s this responsible side of me that won’t be able to sleep at night with this hanging over my head…

Regardless of what I decide to do about the assignment, my notebook is bursting with all sorts of insights and wisdom from the lecturers that need to be passed on!  If you ever have the opportunity to take Perspectives I highly recommend it. I wish that I had been posting a little bit each week, but instead you’re going to get a LOT all at once. Brace yourself!  

The course is divided into 4 sections: Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic.  We just finished up the Biblical section and are moving into Historical.

Here are just a few highlights of things I haven’t been able to get off my mind…in a good way!  Some new content and many good reminders and new ways of considering truths I’ve been taught.

  • Every language and culture is like a unique window into reality and who God is. No single culture has the ability to fully glorify Him.
  • Each one of us is a unique expression/representation of God’s life and rule.
  • Mission is primarily not a duty or commandment – it’s a promise.  If it was a duty it would depend on me, but a promise depends on God.
  • The fact that we are deficient draws people to Jesus.
  • How is the gospel better news than how they are currently living?
  • Salvation is not the goal of the Bible. If personal redemption were the goal it would make the Bible about me, not God.
  • God is making us the kind of people fit to inhabit restored heaven and earth.
  • Only a community is sufficient to show who God is. Men and women together can give people a fuller picture of what God is like.
  • God used every aspect of Paul’s life to help him achieve his God given purpose.
  • There tends to be Gospel openness when people are displaced from their security.
  • Whatever God says, we’re going to do it. Quickly, cheerfully and obediently. If we move too quickly God can slow us down or stop us.
  • Ensure that you’re teaching Biblical principles, not western church principles.
  • When people are willing to die, there is multiplication.

Stay tuned for more when we complete the Historical portion of the class.  And now for that assignment… Actually I think I’ll go to the grocery store first…

Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy, busy, busy. That’s how I would describe our lives right now. I don’t really like to say I’m busy because it makes people feel like there’s no time for them. And of course naturally there are always other people who are busier than you, so what does busy really mean anyway? It seems to vary from person to person anyway on where the line is for being busy.

We’re in the season where every week night is booked with something, as well as the majority of weekends so when friends want to hangout it seems like we have to plan it out a month in advance. Not exactly much space in our lives for spontaneous!

I must say, I do thrive when I’m busy. I feel like I’m making the most of life and not wasting time. Wasting time is like an enemy. To me, it’s one of the worst possible things I could do with my life. I guess the idea of seizing the day and making the most of our opportunities because our time is short is one of those messages I have really taken to heart. Than and I don’t always run at the same pace and I’m glad that he reminds me that we need to rest.

Each week we fill our lives with small group, Perspectives, night classes, Fuller Wives group and of course work/school. We try to keep the apartment reasonably clean and have some sort of a social life and sleep.

This year has also been the year of visitors for us! It’s always fun to break up the routine a bit with some out of town visitors. Over the weekend we traveled to Phoenix to visit my Grandpa and Nancy who were in town for a wedding. We also got to spend time with the Kim’s and see Dylan as Edmund in a theater production of The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. On the way home with picked up my friend Jill and baby Meredith in San Diego to come spend a couple of days with us here in Pasadena. Then the next thing I knew, it was Monday morning and back in the routine of work.


And so begins another week…. Maybe THIS will be the week I start blogging more consistently!