Rain Rain Go Away…Or Not!

It’s been a rainy couple of days here in SoCal.  In fact, over the past 24-48 hours we’ve had more rain than we had in all of 2013.  Unlike the Midwest where sunny days after a long winter refresh and revive the soul, for this Midwest girl transplanted in California, I’d say that rainy days are refreshing and energizing to my soul!  I even heard a few claps of thunder this afternoon which resulted in something that can only be described in one way – giddiness!

After a long work week that got even longer Tuesday morning when the hard drive crashed on my laptop, I am glad for some downtime this weekend!  I haven’t left the house in over 24 hours and I am not going stir crazy in the slightest way.  Last night we watched Captain Phillips and a few episodes of New Girl on Netflix.  Today I’ve been reading, cooking, and starting some Pinterest projects.  Weekends like this make me wonder why I don’t give myself more downtime! 

We just enjoyed an at home candelight dinner because….well, why not?!  I think we’re going to start eating by candlelight every night!  Sometimes the smallest things can make something so much more fun.  It’s especially helpful to eat by candlelight when you’re trying out a new recipe that tastes better than it looks…. No, that wasn’t the motivation behind tonight’s candlelight dinner – it was just a happy coincidence as 1 of the 2 new recipes I tried wasn’t exactly pleasing to the eye!


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