Spring Break

I don’t know if it’s spending 17 (ish) years in school or what, but this time if year it is ingrained in me that it is time for a break! Fortunately our lives still revolve to some extent around a school schedule which means that we just had Spring Break.  I took a couple of days off to make longer weekends to rest and have some fun (outlet malls, beach, Las Vegas).

We had a nice trip to Las Vegas. Definitely not our favorite city, but just a few hours away, it was a great place to get away.  Some of the highlights for us were Cirque Du Soleil – Zarkana, dinner at The Wicked Spoon, our non-smoking/no-casino hotel and pool, and a free ride on the newly opened High Roller.

It’s always amazing how a little break from the day to day can refresh and re-energize you. I’ve heard it said that you should divert daily, withdraw weekly, and abandon annually. A good approach for a healthy work-life balance if you ask me.

Here’s a few pictures from our trip – enjoy!

P1090973P1090975 P1090989 P1100014 P1100047 P1100077



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