A New Apartment

After a relaxing spring break, we arrived home thinking that April was going to be a fairly calm month until the end of the month when we travel to the Midwest.  Nothing out of the ordinary happening…just our regularly weekly commitments, work, jobs, small group, Perspectives, etc.   

And then last Saturday afternoon it all changed.  Our buliding sold about a year ago, so it’s been in the back of our minds that we might have to relocate.  A few things happened, including the upcoming end of our locked in rental price, that spurred us to action to see what kind of 2 bedroom apartments are available (in our price range and still within walking distance of our life).  Well little did we know, we’d find the perfect place less than 48 hours later!  We are so excited to move to a much bigger and nicer place, just a few blocks from where we live now!  All the appliances are new, there’s loads of natural light, there’s a 2nd bedroom to turn into an office for me, more closets than I can count on one hand, a pool, quiet, away from the freeway…. Let the packing begin!


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