Last night we were invited to a beautiful Easter celebration. Initially upon the invite, we just thought we were being invited over for dinner. These friends have kindly invited us over before and we always enjoy their company and the opportunity to meet many new faces.  We had no idea the special night they had planned for us.

From young adults to great grandparents, from many different ethnic backgrounds, we gathered around the table united in Christ. Together we shared a feast – delicious food and enjoyable conversation. We heard stories from a couple in their 80’s about the mission field and work in development for Christian organizations. Our hearts were moved by stories of tragedy and the hope that comes with moving forward and overcoming. Isn’t it amazing the stories that come out around the table?

By the time dessert was over our hearts and bellies were full. But the night was not done. Our hosts began filling tubs of warm water and humbly washed our feet. Our gracious hosts had already served us in so many ways – yet they continued to pour themselves out in service. This was the first time I’ve had my feet washed. Truthfully, it made me squirm a bit. And of course I was wearing shoes that make my feet stinky…but somehow, that didn’t really matter.

The evening concluded with a time of reflection and taking communion together. There was tremendous beauty in this gathering of brothers and sisters reminding me of the beauty of the body of Christ we experience at our local churches each weekend. May we always remember that this beauty is only possible because of Christ’s body broken for us as we reflect upon His death and resurrection this weekend.



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