Getty Museum Photos

A few weekends ago we were invited by a friend to visit The Getty Museum with her and some people from her church! It’s a beautiful place – here are a few photos from our visit!


Start of Summer

We’re settling in well at our new apartment. I am still loving the fact that I have a space to call an office and more room for when visitors come! Summer is shaping up to be a busy time! We’ve joined a new small group for the summer – we’re doing a study in the Sermon on the Mount. It’s great to get to know some new people and we are enjoying digging into this familiar passage in Matthew at a new depth.

Than’s Dad recently came for a visit.  It’s always fun when visitors come because it’s the perfect excuse to explore and do touristy things that we don’t make time for in the typical week.  We showed him around Pasadena, volunteered him to help at the Sunday Community meal with us (if you ever come to visit on a Sunday, you too can be volunteered to help!), enjoyed the beautiful Huntington Gardens (see photos below) and took him to a Dodgers game for Father’s Day.

Next on our agenda is the beginning of our summer travel! Next week I am heading to Chicago for work for a week, then meeting up with Than in Indiana to spend time with my family, take a trip to Waterloo to visit with some of his family, then back to Indiana for 4th of July weekend! I’m looking forward to some time away to relax and see family. The length my trip kept growing as I added on a conference in Washington DC the week after our vacation, as well  as a wedding in Chicago on my way home. It’s going to be a busy few weeks. My goal is to pack everything I need in a carry-on!  We’ll see if I am successful… It’s kind of a fun challenge!


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