Summer Vacation 2014

Summer vacation is coming to an end. I am on week 3 of travel and look forward to returning home on Saturday! Sadly I haven’t had 3 weeks of vacation, but rather a week of vacation sandwiched between 2 work trips! But 3 weeks of vacation sure does sound nice….!

I started out with a week in Chicago strategizing with the Marketing team I am a part of. Being part of a team where we all work remotely works well overall but it’s always nice to have some time face to face. It was refreshing to spend time with people rather than just with my laptop which is how I spend the majority of my days.

From Chicago I met up with Than in Indiana where we spent some time with my family and some high school friends for a couple of days and attended my cousin’s wedding.

We set off for Waterloo, Ontario to meet up with some of Than’s siblings for a few days. It was a relaxing time – lots of World Cup soccer on TV, walks, games, chatting, Canada day celebrations and swimming. And of course enjoying some of our sweet nieces and nephews.

On our way back to Indiana we had a chance to see my friend Sara and her husband Chad. Sara was my roommate when I taught English in China and lives with her husband and 2 little girls near Amish country in Ohio. We don’t get to see one another very often and so her husband connected with me to see if we were coming out this way at all this summer. We made secret plans to meet up with them on our way back to Indiana. We managed to keep it a secret all this time. You should have seen the look on her face when she saw us!!! I wish we had a photo or video. She was absolutely shocked and it was great to catch up with them, even just for a couple of hours!

We got back just in time for some 4th of July festivities here in Indiana. We had a big cookout with my family, played some volleyball and then went to hear an outdoor concert and watch the fireworks. Unlike typical July weather in Indiana where you are sweaty from the humidity and constantly swatting away the mosquitos, it was actually a beautiful day with a high in the 70s and chilly enough at night that you needed a sweater! We enjoyed the rest of the weekend with a trip to the zoo, watching the House Hunters International Marathon (such a treat since we don’t have cable) and just relaxing. I think we all needed it!

Than is on his way back to California (actually he is sitting on the tarmac delayed by bad weather waiting for his flight to take off) and I am spending one more night at my parents house before setting off for Washington DC tomorrow morning for a social media conference. It has been a great couple of weeks but I am looking forward to going home!