13 Weeks Down, 27 To Go!

Between all the apps and websites and cute pins on Pinterest, there’s certainly no shortage of information about pregnancy and babies out there. I’m pretty sure by the time this baby is born I’ll have a love/hate relationship with the internet (actually, maybe I already do…). There’s a lot of good stuff out there, but a lot of unnecessary, senseless worry that can result if you have a runaway imagination like me.

It’s easy for week after week to go by without really embracing the miracle that is happening. One bit of advice I read (on one of those websites or apps) was about slowing down and enjoying the journey.  One way I plan to do that is by keeping a weekly progress report on the blog (thanks for the idea, Pinterest!) of how things are going with my pregnancy. It probably won’t be of much interest to anyone but me and maybe a few friends and family members, but I look forward to documenting the progress along the way. So here we go – Week 13 – a few days later than planned. Oh, and if you make it to the bottom of the post there will be a few belly pictures waiting for you.  That will either compel you to read more, or immediately close this window.  It’s ok – I’ll never know!

How far along? 13 weeks
Total weight gain: -2 pounds (yes, negative – I’m pretty sure that’s about to change though!)
Maternity clothes? Nope, not yet. My looser clothes are totally fine and I’m just wearing the belly band with pants that were already tight to begin with.
Sleep: LOTS of it! I can barely keep my eyes open past 9:30 pm – but with my 6 am alarm that’s probably not a bad thing. Oh…and I can pretty much make the trip from the bed to the bathroom with my eyes closed at this point!
Best moment this week: Telling friends and family that Baby Veltman is coming!
Miss Anything? Not so much… Thankful for decaf coffee or that would definitely be on my list!
Movement: Not yet – we’ve got a ways to go before we feel him/her move.
Food cravings: Cantaloupe and ice cream! Not together.
Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of the garbage truck … ewww!! Oh, and bad breath. Mint, anyone??
Have you started to show yet: Depends on the day. Some days I look like I have the start of a bump more than other days. If you didn’t know I was pregnant you’d probably just think I ate too many sweets this summer or something. 
Gender: For weeks I thought boy but now I’m starting to think girl…
Labor Signs: Thankfully, no. That would be bad.
Belly Button in or out? In (I really can’t imagine it popping out – but we shall see!)
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly Happy. (Than might have a different answer.)
Looking forward to: Finding out if we’re having a boy or a girl!

And here you have it – the start of the belly… So far it seems the differences are all about how I’m standing, camera angles, and whether or not we took the photo before or after lunch!

Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12Week 13


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