Boy or Girl?! Here’s What the Old Wive’s Tales Say…

I can’t believe it’s September. SEPTEMBER! Where did the summer go?  Well, actually it’s still here in SoCal. Still hot. Still sunny. I doubt that will be changing anytime soon! I especially miss the Midwest this time of year – crisp autumn air, bonfires, crunchy leaves… But that’s beside the point.  More specifically, today is September 2.  Which means it’s 1 month until October 2 – the day we find out (assuming the baby cooperates!) if we’re having a boy or a girl!

I go back and forth every day (or sometimes multiple times per day) about whether or not I think we’re having a boy or a girl. I love reading all the old wives tales that supposedly indicate whether or not you’re having a boy or a girl.

Chinese Gender Chart – This is an online calculator where you enter your age, as well as the month of conception and then you get your results. Initially I got boy, however another article I read said you should use your lunar age (+2 years I think) and those results show that it’s more likely a girl.  I’m going to call this one inconclusive.

Similar to the gender chart above, another one I’ve heard is even and odd numbers. If your age and year of conception are both even or odd, it’s girl. One even, one odd means a boy. Mine are both even numbers so that would indicate girl.

Heart Rate – They say that if the baby’s heart rate is under 140 it’s more likely a boy, and over 140 it’s a girl. My last appointment had the baby’s heart rate at 152, so 1 point for girl!

Sweet (girl) or salty (boy) Cravings – Sweet. Definitely sweet. Another girl point.

Dream Meanings – If you dream that the baby is a girl, you will wind up having a boy and vice versa.  Inconclusive.  I’ve had dreams about boy and girl babies. The babies in my dreams are also of various ethnic backgrounds and so I really have no idea what that means!

Morning sickness or no? – Apparently morning sickness happens more when you’re pregnant with a girl.  I really haven’t had any morning sickness, so 1 point for boy!

Skin – Oily skin and breakouts indicate a girl, while dry skin means you’re more likely to have a boy.  My skin (and lips) are as dry as a lizard, so another point for boy.

Hair – If your hair looks better than usual it’s likely you’re having a boy, while lackluster hair is an indicator of a girl. However if you find yourself having to shave your legs more, it’s indicative of a boy. My hair is a bit lackluster, but I am shaving my legs more…sooooo… I’m going to have to call this one inconclusive for me.

Sleeping Position – Right side = girl, Left side = boy. I’m definitely a left side sleeper – always have been. 1 more boy point.

Is your partner getting a little podgy? – Ok, clearly this isn’t from a US website because I don’t know ANYONE who uses the word podgy. But I liked it too much to leave it off! Apparently if your spouse is getting a little podgy, it’s a girl. So…point for girl?! 🙂  Maybe just half a point!

Basketball vs Watermelon? –  I don’t quite think the bump is large enough to tell yet. Than thinks watermelon, but I lean a little more toward basketball. I’m going to go ahead and say watermelon though and give a girl point.

Graceful (girl) or clumsy (boy)? – I must admit I’ve been a bit clumsy lately. Dropping things like crazy, spilling glasses full of ice (at least there wasn’t liquid in it yet!). Point for boy.

Headaches – If you have a lot of headaches during pregnancy, it’s more likely to be a boy. Definitely a boy point on this one.

Pendulum Test – Back and forth is boy, circles is girl. Also inconclusive (perhaps the fault of the ceiling fan).

And the final tally…

Girl: 4 1/2

Boy: 4

If you factor in the inconclusive ones, I’d say it’s pretty much a tie. Stay tuned for the ultrasound results in about a month!

Boy or Girl


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