Menu Planning Monday – Week of September 15

I should really be making dinner right now rather than writing about what I’m going to make for dinner.  However I just can’t seem to drag myself into the kitchen to turn the oven on in this blazing hot weather. We’re in for a fun week – Friday my Mom and Great-Aunt are arriving for a visit! We’re very excited to see them and are hoping they bring some of the cool, fall Midwest weather with them!  Here’s what’s on the menu:

Monday: Roasted Veggies with Turkey Sausage

Tuesday: Tacos and Mexican Corn Salad (This was on the menu for last week, but we didn’t end up having it – it was one of those nights where neither of us were very hungry and my prego belly wanted pancakes and Than was MORE than happy to be allowed cereal for dinner.)

Wednesday: Oven Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Thursday: Black Bean and Veggie Enchiladas

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Day Trip to Santa Barbara!

Sunday: Pork Chops (Sides still TBD – maybe rice and some kind of veggie)


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