3 Thanksgiving Eve’s Ago

It was Thanksgiving Eve, 2011.

Just a little over a month had passed since eHarmony matched me and this guy Than who lived in Grand Rapids. Pages upon pages of emails had been exchanged, as well as numerous Skype dates and Google chats and the day was finally here. I was about to meet my future husband face to face. (I’d say little did I know I was about to meet my future husband, but that’s not true. I was pretty sure even before we met face to face.)  And he was about to meet my family the very next day for Thanksgiving. He’s a brave one!

On his journey to Chicago we texted back and forth until we both needed to conserve what battery was left on our phones. I arrived at Union Station, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Greyhound bus. The anticipation was building and building when I got a text that said “Where are you?” That’s when panic set in. Than was at the Greyhound station and I was at Union Station with no clue where the Greyhound station in Chicago was!

Our panic was short-lived as Than found out he only had the temporarily get off the bus at the Greyound station (later we discovered that it’s about 2 blocks from Union Station) and could re-board for the last stop at Union Station. A few (seemingly long) minutes later, there he was. It wasn’t like we were meeting for the first time but more like everything was as it should be.

We ventured to the El to begin the trek back out to the suburbs.  On the way home we made a stop at Meijer for some cereal (sugary cereal did NOT exist in my house until Than was in the picture!). Cereal and a movie was our plan for the evening. Cereal before bed has been a tradition in Than’s world and is often a part of our lives now and so it was special that he wanted to share that with me as part of our evening.

The next morning we left at the crack of dawn to get to Indiana for Thanksgiving lunch. I had warned my family not to whisper about him because he’s an expert lip reader and I’m happy to report they were on their best behavior. We didn’t have a homemade Thanksgiving dinner that year – we had plans to eat at a local hotel.  The food was nothing to write home about but the company was great and that was (and is) far more important.

Here we are, three years later on Thanksgiving Eve.  Over two wonderful years of marriage, a sweet baby girl on the way and tonight we will celebrate with a bowl of Lucky Charms – thankful for that night 3 years ago!


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