3 Weeks

P1100937We are one day away from my due date and celebrating 3 weeks since Charlotte was born! Grandma returned home on Tuesday so we are in the process of figuring out our new normal.  Unfortunately this new normal didn’t leave much time for pictures (aside from her weekly photo I didn’t take any pictures on my camera) so a few quick pics from my phone will have to suffice.

Charlotte had a check up at the pediatrician who was very pleased with her weight gain in the few days since our last appointment.  She gained 5 1/2 ounces between a Friday and a Tuesday – let’s hope she keeps this up! Charlotte is getting far more vocal – and by that I mean unless she’s eating or sleeping she’s likely to be making noise of some sort.  She still loves the Moby wrap and enjoys going for rides in her stroller. She also loves to be held and she loves to suck on her pacifier.

Did I mention that Charlotte eats ALL the time?! I pretty much feel like that’s all we’ve been doing this week! Mommy is definitely getting her money’s worth out of the Netflix subscription during all those feedings!

Charlotte’s hair is particularly amazing after bath time – good motivation to bathe her! 😉 It’s all fluffy and sticking up in many directions – we love it. Daddy wants to put some styling gel in it – I better keep an eye on him! People already say Charlotte looks just like him – a little hair gel to control those spikes and she would most certainly be a mini-Than.

IMG_5095 IMG_5101
IMG_5103 IMG_5105 IMG_5110 IMG_5112
IMG_5116 IMG_5117 IMG_5119
IMG_5124 IMG_5125 IMG_5127 IMG_5130 IMG_5131

2 Weeks with Charlotte Quinn

It’s hard to believe that Charlotte is already 2 weeks old! In some ways it feels like we have been doing this forever, but in other ways it still feels so new and surreal. Though I must admit it does feel more real when she’s screaming at 3 am (fortunately that isn’t the norm every night…knock on wood).

Here are a few highlights from Charlotte’s second week:

  • Mommy’s friends threw a beautiful baby shower for Mommy and Charlotte on Valentine’s Day. Grandma Northcutt was also very happy to be able to attend and meet some of Mommy’s friends.
  • Charlotte watched (or slept through!) her first hockey game with Daddy. Mommy is happy to report that the Blackhawks beat his Penguins!
  • Grandpa had to go home to Indiana (brrrr!) – he kept threatening to take Charlotte back in his camera bag, but he’s settled for some daily Facetime dates.
  • Charlotte attended church for the first time on Wednesday night for the Ash Wednesday service. We are happy to report that she was on her best behavior.
  • We put Charlotte in the Moby wrap for the first time. She loves being snuggled so close to Mommy – I think she especially loves the warmth and sound of my heartbeat.
  • Charlotte went to visit Daddy at work and deliver lunch to him. We couldn’t stay very long as it was time for Charlotte’s lunch too.
  • Charlotte had another check up with the pediatrician. We need to see her pack on some more pounds…errr….ounces, as she’s not gaining enough weight yet. Hopefully we’ll see an increase next week. She’s also apparently lost an inch and a half in length – haha. Our little wiggly baby was not very cooperative for getting measured!
  • Charlotte also went to the grocery store for the first time. We think she liked riding in the grocery cart.

IMG_5081 P1100841 P1100846 P1100848 P1100849
P1100857 P1100859 P1100862 P1100863P1100759 P1100878 P1100890 P1100909 P1100935

Charlotte’s First Week

On Friday, February  6, 2015 after a 50+ hour induction, we welcomed Charlotte Quinn into the world at 7:38 am via c-section. She weighed 6 pounds, 1.8 ounces, 21 1/2 inches long and had a head full of dark hair!

Charlotte loves being held, being awake in the middle of the night, sucking her thumb (yes, already!), spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, riding in her car seat, eating, the Boppy lounger, escaping her swaddle (unless Daddy swaddles her because he’s the best – the pediatrician even said he’s better than she is!) and receiving so many fun packages and  presents from friends near and far.  She hasn’t decided if she likes bath time yet – surprisingly the part she seemed to like most when when we washed her hair. She probably gets that from Mommy who would happily go get a haircut just for the hair washing part!

Charlotte had a great check up with the pediatrician. She’s weighing in at 6 lbs, 1 oz, just half an ounce under her birth weight. The doctor is happy with the progress she is making with eating and the slight jaundice she had in the hospital is going away!

Mommy and Daddy are doing well. Mommy is recovering well from the c-section and has to be careful not to overdo it. She’s eager to get outside for longer walks and do more in general. Daddy is incredible as he’s doing an amazing job going above and beyond in Daddy duties, all while jumping back into school, work, grading, etc. He’s taking very good care of us.

Grandma and Grandpa are also taking very good care of us and enjoy snuggling Charlotte, singing to her and loving on her.

Here are a few photo highlights from her first week:

P1100618 P1100623 P1100624 P1100631 P1100640 P1100641 P1100656 P1100663 P1100667 P1100668 P1100670 P1100675 P1100679 P1100687 P1100695 P1100702 P1100705 P1100708 P1100710 P1100716 P1100717

IMG_4850 IMG_4961 IMG_4929 IMG_4912 IMG_4910 IMG_4888 IMG_4907 IMG_4882 IMG_4834 IMG_4825 IMG_4823 P1100717