2 Weeks with Charlotte Quinn

It’s hard to believe that Charlotte is already 2 weeks old! In some ways it feels like we have been doing this forever, but in other ways it still feels so new and surreal. Though I must admit it does feel more real when she’s screaming at 3 am (fortunately that isn’t the norm every night…knock on wood).

Here are a few highlights from Charlotte’s second week:

  • Mommy’s friends threw a beautiful baby shower for Mommy and Charlotte on Valentine’s Day. Grandma Northcutt was also very happy to be able to attend and meet some of Mommy’s friends.
  • Charlotte watched (or slept through!) her first hockey game with Daddy. Mommy is happy to report that the Blackhawks beat his Penguins!
  • Grandpa had to go home to Indiana (brrrr!) – he kept threatening to take Charlotte back in his camera bag, but he’s settled for some daily Facetime dates.
  • Charlotte attended church for the first time on Wednesday night for the Ash Wednesday service. We are happy to report that she was on her best behavior.
  • We put Charlotte in the Moby wrap for the first time. She loves being snuggled so close to Mommy – I think she especially loves the warmth and sound of my heartbeat.
  • Charlotte went to visit Daddy at work and deliver lunch to him. We couldn’t stay very long as it was time for Charlotte’s lunch too.
  • Charlotte had another check up with the pediatrician. We need to see her pack on some more pounds…errr….ounces, as she’s not gaining enough weight yet. Hopefully we’ll see an increase next week. She’s also apparently lost an inch and a half in length – haha. Our little wiggly baby was not very cooperative for getting measured!
  • Charlotte also went to the grocery store for the first time. We think she liked riding in the grocery cart.

IMG_5081 P1100841 P1100846 P1100848 P1100849
P1100857 P1100859 P1100862 P1100863P1100759 P1100878 P1100890 P1100909 P1100935

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