Spring Break 2015

Spring break is drawing to an end. It was great to get away for a couple of days and fun to be able to introduce Charlotte to our love of travel! We didn’t venture far but it was so nice just to be away from Pasadena, though it’s lovely here.

Travel with a newborn (is Charlotte still a newborn? I don’t really know where the cut off for some of these terms is…) is definitely different than travel with just the two of us, but so much fun! The pace was slower, the car was more full (I mean a LOT more full), smiles from strangers were more plentiful (I guess she’s just a lot cuter than Than and me), and bedtime was a lot earlier. It felt so good to do something we love and to bring Charlotte into that area of our life.

We traveled from Pasadena to Santa Barbara, to Solvang, Pismo Beach and Morro Bay. My favorite part of the trip was the time we spent in Montana de Oro State Park – so beautiful! Here are a few photo highlights!

IMG_5647 IMG_5650 IMG_5653 IMG_5654 IMG_5656 IMG_5673 IMG_5705  P1110266 P1110267 P1110269 P1110274 P1110278 P1110281 P1110290 P1110296 P1110302 P1110335 P1110339 P1110340 P1110345 P1110346

7 Weeks

As of Friday, Charlotte is 7 weeks old! We were on the road so I didn’t get a chance to download photos and post a few to the blog.

At 7 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Has pulled Daddy’s glasses off.
  • Pulls Mommy’s hair (ouch!)
  • LOVES to scoot. It’s not uncommon to find her turned at least 90 degrees in her bed at night. She also has scooted herself nearly all the way off her Boppy lounger.
  • Survived her first roadtrip up to the Central Coast.  She was quite the trooper – in and out of the carseat, Ergo, Moby wrap, stroller, etc constantly… Diaper changes and feedings in all sorts of places… Hot weather, cool weather, fog and sunshine… I think she loved it. (See more photos from our trip here)
  • Went to the beach for the first time!
  • Grunts a lot… I mean a LOT. We think the no-dairy diet is helping her digestion but I’m not entirely sure how this grunting fits into it all. I just know that it wakes us both up when we should be sleeping!
  • Is getting more smiley – yay!
  • Officially has a double chin and is developing rolls on her arms and legs (not bad for our little 2nd percentile in weight baby).
  • Hates Thursdays.  Thursdays are to Charlotte what Monday’s are to the rest of us.  Thursdays are inevitably her fussiest day of the week for several weeks in a row.

IMG_5500 IMG_5510 IMG_5532 IMG_5545 IMG_5561IMG_5711IMG_5536IMG_5576 IMG_5585 IMG_5600 IMG_5613 IMG_5629 IMG_5637 IMG_5654 IMG_5728 IMG_5733  P1110253 P1110264P1110232 P1110302 P1110364

6 Weeks Old

It is officially spring break – hooray! Just moments ago, Than turned in his last paper for the quarter. Of course the work never really ends and now it’s time for him to start grading…but we’re still excited that it’s spring break!  We are going to drive up the coast for a night toward the end of next week – Charlotte’s first road trip. That should be an adventure!

Charlotte is now 6 weeks old. She’s changing so much each week and she’s starting to smile more and more!

  • Grunting and gurgling are two of her favorite things.
  • Charlotte goes through several outfits each day from spitting up…
  • Twice twice this week Charlotte was called a him…while wearing a tutu.
  • She loves her swing – some of her best naps have been taken in that swing!
  • Charlotte’s feelings toward bath time have changed – she now loves it.  And that is very good news because one day this week she got to have 2 baths within one hour!
  • You’ll often find Charlotte grabbing on to her ear when she’s tired…usually her right ear.

I’ve read that 6 weeks is the peek of fussiness – and I am hoping that is true for us.  Yesterday Charlotte had her fussiest day yet. Perhaps it was some sort of growth spurt – all she wanted to do yesterday was eat and sleep while being held.  Fortunately after being held and sleeping all day, we both still got a decent night of sleep!

P1110099 P1110122 P1110146 P1110152
P1110193 P1110202 P1110208 IMG_5328 IMG_5471 IMG_5490


5 Weeks

Everyone says the days are long but the years go by fast. I know we’re not talking years yet, but I must say the weeks are flying by already – and the days…well, for much of the week I barely know what day it is! But the moments with our little Charlotte are precious and we want to enjoy them as much as possible. Even the 3 am moments!

At 5 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Loves tummy time.
  • Gained one pound since her pediatrician appointment one week ago!
  • Met some new friends at the Community Meal for the first time last Sunday. Don’t worry – she stayed closely snuggled up to Mama in the Moby and also spent some time in Daddy’s office.
  • Spends much more time awake – sometimes a little TOO much awake time!
  • Is starting to really fill out her newborn clothes. I put a 0-3 month outfit on her today but she’s still swimming in it. I’m sure it will fit soon!
  • Currently has some digestive issues we are trying to figure out.  It seems she may have developed some sort of intolerance (likely cow milk protein) which means no dairy for Mom (booo) and special formula for her.

Spring, or should I say summer has hit SoCal. We’re facing 90 degree temps this weekend! Than is finishing up the winter quarter (yes, it seems weird talking about the winter quarter with this kind of weather!) this upcoming week. As a family of 3, we’re working on getting into some good rhythms that will eventually turn into a bit of a schedule when I return to work – nothing too crazy, just simple things like a bedtime routine for Charlotte, more frequent baths (for Charlotte that is…), daily walks, etc.

In other interesting news, Than had a celebrity siting today. He was called to check in for jury duty and Joel from Parenthood was there! Sadly you can’t take any pictures in the waiting area, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Definitely the only time I was jealous that he was called for jury duty instead of me. In case you’re wondering, neither Joel or Than are actually on the jury.

And now for the real reason you probably came to our blog – here are some photos from this week!

P1110006 P1110017 P1110044 P1110055 P1110066 IMG_5252 IMG_5294 IMG_5309 IMG_5311 IMG_5314

Charlotte at 1 Month

Our little Charlotte is a month old! This update is a day late due to Mom’s 3 hour trip to urgent care last night. What started out as a scratchy throat turned into something much nastier as the week went on. Fortunately the antibiotics have already started to make a big difference. A few more days and I should be good as new – especially with Dad covering extra night time feedings so I can get some extra rest.

We can’t believe Charlotte is 1 month old already. At one month, Charlotte…

  • Loves to be held.
  • Enjoys falling asleep on Daddy’s chest.
  • Likes to peek with one eye to make sure you’re still there as she’s falling asleep.
  • Is still wearing newborn clothes – and many of them are still baggy on her, though her tummy is finally starting to fill out more.
  • Hates getting her diaper changed. And she certainly fills more than her fair share of them every day… Diaper changing time is the noisiest time of day around here.
  • Is starting to smile more – but we haven’t been able to capture a photo of it yet!
  • Likes to kick her long legs.
  • Is becoming a pro at FaceTime – she even got to meet Great Grandpa on FaceTime this week!
  • Makes lots of noises – this week she started making some grunting sounds.
  • Enjoys going for walks in her stroller – especially when it includes visiting Daddy at work or school.

P1100956 P1100975 P1100983 P1100993 edited IMG_5170 IMG_5172 IMG_5177 IMG_5191 IMG_5192 IMG_5222