5 Weeks

Everyone says the days are long but the years go by fast. I know we’re not talking years yet, but I must say the weeks are flying by already – and the days…well, for much of the week I barely know what day it is! But the moments with our little Charlotte are precious and we want to enjoy them as much as possible. Even the 3 am moments!

At 5 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Loves tummy time.
  • Gained one pound since her pediatrician appointment one week ago!
  • Met some new friends at the Community Meal for the first time last Sunday. Don’t worry – she stayed closely snuggled up to Mama in the Moby and also spent some time in Daddy’s office.
  • Spends much more time awake – sometimes a little TOO much awake time!
  • Is starting to really fill out her newborn clothes. I put a 0-3 month outfit on her today but she’s still swimming in it. I’m sure it will fit soon!
  • Currently has some digestive issues we are trying to figure out.  It seems she may have developed some sort of intolerance (likely cow milk protein) which means no dairy for Mom (booo) and special formula for her.

Spring, or should I say summer has hit SoCal. We’re facing 90 degree temps this weekend! Than is finishing up the winter quarter (yes, it seems weird talking about the winter quarter with this kind of weather!) this upcoming week. As a family of 3, we’re working on getting into some good rhythms that will eventually turn into a bit of a schedule when I return to work – nothing too crazy, just simple things like a bedtime routine for Charlotte, more frequent baths (for Charlotte that is…), daily walks, etc.

In other interesting news, Than had a celebrity siting today. He was called to check in for jury duty and Joel from Parenthood was there! Sadly you can’t take any pictures in the waiting area, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Definitely the only time I was jealous that he was called for jury duty instead of me. In case you’re wondering, neither Joel or Than are actually on the jury.

And now for the real reason you probably came to our blog – here are some photos from this week!

P1110006 P1110017 P1110044 P1110055 P1110066 IMG_5252 IMG_5294 IMG_5309 IMG_5311 IMG_5314


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