6 Weeks Old

It is officially spring break – hooray! Just moments ago, Than turned in his last paper for the quarter. Of course the work never really ends and now it’s time for him to start grading…but we’re still excited that it’s spring break!  We are going to drive up the coast for a night toward the end of next week – Charlotte’s first road trip. That should be an adventure!

Charlotte is now 6 weeks old. She’s changing so much each week and she’s starting to smile more and more!

  • Grunting and gurgling are two of her favorite things.
  • Charlotte goes through several outfits each day from spitting up…
  • Twice twice this week Charlotte was called a him…while wearing a tutu.
  • She loves her swing – some of her best naps have been taken in that swing!
  • Charlotte’s feelings toward bath time have changed – she now loves it.  And that is very good news because one day this week she got to have 2 baths within one hour!
  • You’ll often find Charlotte grabbing on to her ear when she’s tired…usually her right ear.

I’ve read that 6 weeks is the peek of fussiness – and I am hoping that is true for us.  Yesterday Charlotte had her fussiest day yet. Perhaps it was some sort of growth spurt – all she wanted to do yesterday was eat and sleep while being held.  Fortunately after being held and sleeping all day, we both still got a decent night of sleep!

P1110099 P1110122 P1110146 P1110152
P1110193 P1110202 P1110208 IMG_5328 IMG_5471 IMG_5490



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