7 Weeks

As of Friday, Charlotte is 7 weeks old! We were on the road so I didn’t get a chance to download photos and post a few to the blog.

At 7 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Has pulled Daddy’s glasses off.
  • Pulls Mommy’s hair (ouch!)
  • LOVES to scoot. It’s not uncommon to find her turned at least 90 degrees in her bed at night. She also has scooted herself nearly all the way off her Boppy lounger.
  • Survived her first roadtrip up to the Central Coast.  She was quite the trooper – in and out of the carseat, Ergo, Moby wrap, stroller, etc constantly… Diaper changes and feedings in all sorts of places… Hot weather, cool weather, fog and sunshine… I think she loved it. (See more photos from our trip here)
  • Went to the beach for the first time!
  • Grunts a lot… I mean a LOT. We think the no-dairy diet is helping her digestion but I’m not entirely sure how this grunting fits into it all. I just know that it wakes us both up when we should be sleeping!
  • Is getting more smiley – yay!
  • Officially has a double chin and is developing rolls on her arms and legs (not bad for our little 2nd percentile in weight baby).
  • Hates Thursdays.  Thursdays are to Charlotte what Monday’s are to the rest of us.  Thursdays are inevitably her fussiest day of the week for several weeks in a row.

IMG_5500 IMG_5510 IMG_5532 IMG_5545 IMG_5561IMG_5711IMG_5536IMG_5576 IMG_5585 IMG_5600 IMG_5613 IMG_5629 IMG_5637 IMG_5654 IMG_5728 IMG_5733  P1110253 P1110264P1110232 P1110302 P1110364


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