8 Week Update


P1110386 At 8 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Loves to grab onto the toys that hang down over her play mat.
  • Had her first sneezing fit (so many little sneezes in a row – adorable!)
  • Weighs a little over 9 1/2 pounds.
  • Pooped on Mom for the first time and had a major spit up on Dad. Ewww!
  • Has outgrown the majority of her newborn clothes.
  • Now sleeps in her crib in her own room. Though sometimes she gets to come into Mom and Dad’s bed around 6 am which she loves. Even at 8 weeks it seems she can appreciate our super comfy bed.
  • Switched from disposable to cloth diapers. Not that she had a lot of say in that but she’s adjusting well. Mom and Dad are surprised at how easy cloth diapers are.
  • Hates being hot. Clothes are currently optional in her little world. At least she has cute diaper covers!
  • Discovered just how much noise she can make. No doubt about it, her lungs work VERY well. The volume of noise coming out of her this week seems to have multiplied exponentially.

In other news, Charlotte seems to be having some issues with reflux and so tomorrow at 9 am she’s going to get an abdominal ultrasound just to ensure there’s nothing more serious wrong.  She has to fast for 4 hours before the ultrasound which should be interesting. We are currently plotting ways to keep her happy during what tends to be a very hungry time of day for her. I think we have some early morning walks and car rides on our agenda for tomorrow morning.

P1110419Happy baby who kept smiling every time we said the word “button.” Someone might get a new nickname…


We are loving all the smiles from our little love!

P1110373Charlotte’s getting a little more interested in her toys each day.

IMG_5787 IMG_5786

There’s just something about a baby with a flower the size of her face on her head…


We were very excited when Charlotte grabbed the toy for the first time!

IMG_5776  IMG_5765


Charlotte’s first cloth diaper. She’s not entirely sure what to think.

IMG_5739 Story time with Daddy!

IMG_5736 IMG_5735  Such a big girl – sleeping in her own room. She looks so tiny in the crib!

IMG_5733Look at those chins! I’m grateful for the extra chin to slow down the drool or spit up before it hits her clothes!



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