9 Weeks

One more week and we’ll be in double digits! The time is going so fast and I’ll be back to work before we know it. But in the meantime I’m just trying to enjoy this relaxing time we have to bond on no one’s schedule but our own!

Charlotte survived the fast for her abdominal ultrasound last Saturday. It was probably more difficult for Than and me – it’s torture hearing your baby cry and cry, knowing that she’s trying to tell you she’s hungry with no way to explain to her why you are depriving her (temporarily) of food. All in all though, it wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be. She eventually kind of gave up and was pretty mellow as long as we kept her paci near! She practically wore that thing out as we waited for her appointment! We will find out the results at Charlotte’s 2 month pediatrician appointment on Monday.

We had a quiet Easter – enjoying a morning at church from the soundproof room at the back, and a quiet and relaxing brunch and afternoon at home.

In other news, at 9 weeks Charlotte…

  • Loves to suck on her hand – and it’s impressive how much of her fist she can fit in her mouth!
  • Slept 7 hours straight last night!! Mom was excited to report a 5 hour stretch which feels like nothing compared to last night! Unfortunately Mom has yet to get 7 hours straight of sleep, as Charlotte slept from 7 pm – 2 am! But it is still fantastic progress!
  • Has fussy evenings, like so many other babies. Dinnertime around here is rough most nights and we are still trying to figure out something to calm her down in her most extreme moments of fussiness, though swinging through the air seems to help (see photo below).
  • Enjoys being read to!
  • Loves splashing around (with a little help from Dad) in the bathtub.
  • Had her first cloth diaper blowout. It was not a pleasant sight…
  • Has a new favorite song – the 10 Commandments song. Mom just randomly started singing it while changing her diaper and it was received with big smiles and coos – so we keep singing it!

Lots of pictures this week – between Easter, turning 2 months old and just being cute, we have a lot of photos to share!

IMG_5924  Charlotte’s first trip to  Costco! She’s good for helping us save money, as she takes up most of the cart!

IMG_5931  Charlotte loves her little giraffe rattle.

IMG_5944  New booties – perfect for a chilly evening!

IMG_5952 Charlotte loves wiggling her sunglasses off her eyes then licking them.IMG_5958  Visiting Daddy at work!

IMG_5961 IMG_5977  Daddy swings  Charlotte back and forth to help calm her down – she loves it!

IMG_5984 IMG_6013 P1110443 Representing her Dutch heritage.

P1110454 Cutest bunny around.

P1110469 Happy Easter!

P1110472  1st Easter as a family of 3!

P1110491 Two months old and growing SO fast.

P1110496 P1110507 P1110512 P1110514 P1110531 P1110532


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