11 Weeks

Hello from Indiana!

Charlotte and I arrived after a red-eye flight bright and early Thursday morning to spend some time with family and friends! Charlotte did a great job on the flight and I hope I can say the same about the trip home. She slept most of the way and was definitely quieter than the lady snoring like crazy behind us. The best part was that we had the whole row to ourselves! 

In addition to Charlotte’s first plane ride and trip to Indiana, here are some other highlights at 11 weeks:

  • Attended part of a mission conference.
  • First play date at the park.
  • Spits her paci incredibly far out of her crib.
  • Woke up in different place in the crib than where she started.  She used to stay quite still in one place!
  • Loves comfy beds – particularly Mom/Dad or Grandma/Grandpa’s beds.

More on our trip to Indiana in next week’s blog when I can download photos from my camera. We are having a great time but are missing Daddy! 












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