12 Weeks

12 weeks ago little Charlotte Quinn was born! I can hardly believe it’s been 12 weeks.  She’s definitely not so little anymore. I am amazed at how much she’s changed recently. I’m totally grateful for my unplanned c-section right now because it means I still have 2 weeks of time fully devoted to her on maternity leave before diving back into work!


At 12 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Was spoiled rotten in Indiana during her first visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.
  • Met Great Grandpa.
  • Met more family and friends than Mom can count – and she’s excited to meet more this summer!
  • Sneezes a few times each day – especially in Indiana where everything was blooming.
  • Did great on her second flight (home from Indiana) – thanks to an early morning flight, her swaddle and another entire row to ourselves, she slept nearly the whole way home!
  • Loves watching TV (thanks to bonding time with Grandpa watching westerns – hehe. We are now weaning her off TV, but anytime it’s on her eyes are glued to it.)
  • Is so much more interactive with her toys. She’s really starting to enjoy them now and enjoys a variety of toys during play time. She even (probably inadvertently) kicked a little ball she has.  Future soccer player, perhaps?
  • Smiles like crazy! Smiles that light her whole face up – especially when she sees/hears Mom and Dad!
  • Is starting to get on more of a schedule – following the eat, wake, sleep schedule. It’s going pretty well and I hope she’s very adjusted to this routine when I return to work!
  • Held her bottle on her own for the first time today! Don’t worry – we aren’t letting her loose to feed herself her bottles yet – just fun to see her grasp on to it and hold it in place for a bit.

P1110574 Meeting Great Grandpa!

P11105824 Generations! P1110586 P1110595Meeting Great-Great Aunt Frankie. And no, this isn’t photo-shopped. I am really that much taller than her.  Hello awkward family photo!
P1110601 P1110607 P1110631  Charlotte loves her elephant Daddy got her when she was born!P1110635 Charlotte with Mommy’s favorite bear from childhood and Daddy’s favorite raccoon!P1110647Grandma and Grandpa!
P1110649 P1110662 Charlotte is going to love the porch swing at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.P1110665 P1110705

IMG_6274 IMG_6534 IMG_6616 SO happy to see Daddy when we returned home!IMG_6622

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