13 Weeks


13 Week Update…

  • Found out Charlotte shares a name with the new princess. Exciting, but kind of a bummer that the name is probably going to increase drastically in popularity!
  • Attended her first tea party.
  • First attempt at the church nursery. She didn’t stay long but at least we have her registered for the future!  We’ll give it a try again soon.
  • Loves taking cat naps throughout the day. Sometimes they last all of 6 minutes. But if it means she sleeps pretty well at all (8 hours straight one night this week!) I am fine with the cat naps!
  • Met lots of great-aunts and uncles and cousins last week at a 60th wedding anniversary celebration.
  • Celebrated 3 months of life on May 6!
  • Gives lots of smiles to whoever is willing to sing silly songs to her!
  • Can’t take her eyes off screens – phone, laptop, tv – she loves it. We don’t want her to spend too much time behind the screen this early so we are going to have to be careful with our use. I must say though, she’s very content watching me type away at this blog post while sitting on my lap which could be handy when I return to work!



IMG_6665 IMG_6668


IMG_6720 IMG_6723

IMG_6741 IMG_6774 IMG_6796 P1110793

P1110756 P1110760 P1110780 P1110788 P1110849 P1110869


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