14 Weeks

It’s not often you hear about a baby who is “14 weeks.” At this point, most people (including us) talk about age months. I must admit, I like thinking about it in weeks. Little Charlotte has only been in this world for 14 weeks. A quick calculation tells me I’ve been in this world for 1643 weeks (whoa – and if you know my birthday, please don’t double check my math!). Thinking in weeks helps me to capture more of the little moments. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly a week goes by – and if I didn’t take some intentional time to pause and think about the moments of the week, before I know it, one month, two months, three months (that’s an entire QUARTER of a year!) would be gone!

At 14 weeks, Charlotte…

  • Was dedicated at church. A wonderful time to remember God’s covenant and promises and to verbally recognize our commitment in front out many friends and our church family to raise Charlotte in a home where Christ is honored, Scriptures are followed and to do all we can to help her come to know Jesus as Savior and follow Him as Lord.
  • Celebrated our first Mother’s Day. I think she had a bit of help from Daddy and it was a very special day!
  • Slept with her arms unswaddled for the first time.
  • Has been super cuddly and a total sleepyhead. I think she might just be coming out of a growth spurt.
  • Discovered the power of the pouty lip. I don’t know where she learned to stick her lower lip out like she does, but oh my!
  • Joins us for dinner at the table in her high chair. I think she loves the new view, being up so high.
  • Has nearly switched from the paci to 2 fingers on her left hand.
  • Is becoming an expert greeter at the Sunday Community meal.
  • Visited Advanced Bionics, the headquarters where Daddy’s cochlear implants are made.

We are all in for a big adjustment when I go back to work next week. I think I’m ready though – I know the time has come and I’m ready to figure out our new routine! Let’s just hope I still have time to take plenty of photos to share with you on our blog!

IMG_6814 Happy baby – all smiles for Daddy!IMG_6835 A serious moment…IMG_6848 Setting a new hairstyle trend.IMG_6908 A little blurry, but I just can’t resist her joyful face!P1110878  Dedication at Lake Avenue Church.P1110884 P1110892 Thankful for many friends who were there to stand beside us.P1110897 P1110909Don’t be deceived – Charlotte is not as chunky as she looks in this photo!P1110913 A couple of Mother-Daughter pictures on Mother’s Day.P1110919 P1110920 Charlotte wasn’t thrilled to do a selfie…P1110927 Big girl!! No food yet, but the tray is perfect to set her toys on!P1110944 Going vintage – wearing one of Mommy’s baby dresses.P1110969 14 Weeks – Charlotte’s weekly photo.P1110981


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