15 Weeks

Week 15 has been a big week of learning and development and change around here! I returned back to work and am so grateful that I work from home and can enjoy mommy life and work life. We are still working on figuring out our routine but I think we’re off to a good start!


At 15 weeks, Charlotte…

Went to her first baseball game! Go Dodgers! Impressively, she slept through a tremendous amount of noise and cheering, but woke up in time for the 7th inning stretch. She loves singing, so I am pretty sure she enjoyed a stadium with 46,000+ people singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game.


Saw her first fireworks display! After the initial boom which startled her, she was enthralled. I’m not sure if she blinked for the entire show!


Fills our home with lots of coos, squeals and even a couple of shrieks. She loves to listen to herself make noise.


Brings great joy to the guests who attend the Sunday Community Meal. Her presence there truly does seem to have a calming effect on the sometimes tense atmosphere. It’s a beautiful thing to see. They love to try and get her to smile and touch her little feet.


Lifts her head like a champ! We’ve seen great progress this week for her. Tummy time had been brutal, then one day, wearing nothing but a diaper she surprised us all and kept her head lift and looking around for a great amount of time! It seemed to happen overnight and we are glad she’s reached this milestone.

P1120024 P1120052

Appears to pray. A lot. Charlotte loves to have her hands clasped together like she’s praying. She also loves to eat her hands. Sometimes it’s hard to get them out of her mouth for her to eat real food!


Constantly drools.


Loves when Mommy and Daddy hold her up in a standing position, as she puts some weight on those ever growing legs!


Slept through the night!! Yes, I think I saved the best for last! I mean she slept the full night. Bedtime until almost 6 am (which is when Mom gets up anyway!)  Let’s hope that wasn’t a one time thing last night!


Falls asleep for her catnaps in all sorts of places!


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