17 Weeks – Time Keeps on Rollin’

Seventeen weeks! Charlotte will be 4 months old tomorrow. The time just keep rolling on by. Speaking of rolling…


We are excited to report that Charlotte rolled over for the first time this morning! While most baby’s tend to roll from their tummy to their back, Charlotte has spent much of her week trying her hardest to roll from her back to her tummy. Let me tell you, this little one is persistent. Multiple times this week about 4 am we wake up to some sounds coming from the (video) baby monitor only to find little Charlotte exerting tremendous amounts of effort to (unsuccessfully) roll herself over in her crib. Usually it results in some tears when she just can’t make it all the way over. She just can’t quite figure out what to do with her bottom arm when she’s on her side. Then this morning, out of no where, she was laying on her tummy when she rolled herself right over to her back. I happened to be trying to take her weekly picture during this time so we have a blurry action shot of her about to go over, as well as an after shot where she’s laying on her back trying to figure out what happened.


Oh, and one more thing on the topic of “ROLLing”. Baby rolls. Charlotte is definitely plumping up (we are excited to see how much she weighs and how long she is at her 4 month check up next week) and we adore the little rolls on her arms and thighs. The neck rolls…not so much. They are hard to clean – especially with our little spitter-upper (spit-upper?)!



We are loving this age with Charlotte. I think if I could freeze her at any age I would pick now. Actually I would pick 3 days ago when she was still sleeping through the night (hello 4 month sleep regression….you arrived right on time!). She’s so smiley and fun. She gives us an occasional giggle. She loves to talk back to you (not in the teenager way) when you talk to her and her face just lights up when you look at her and smile. We love how she grasps our fingers while we feed her and holds on tight. And while she’s so much more interactive, she’s still small enough that she loves to curl up in your arms and sleep on your chest. We really can’t get enough of these moments!

P1120216 P1120233 P1120247 P1120188 IMG_7229 IMG_7212

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